Jingle Bells

Christmas is my favorite holiday because everyone is always so merry and in high spirits. It’s when families reunite to share good food and good cheer, gifts are exchanged, friends sip on hot chocolate together, lovers kiss under the mistletoe, gingerbread cookies are baked, and children listen to stories next to the fireplace. No matter who we are, young or old, Christmas will always carry a familiar juvenile notion and leave traces of childhood magic in the hearts of all touched.

The colorful reflection of holiday lights mirrored by the bright glint in our own eyes, the dash of glitter sprinkled amongst the pure white snowflakes falling into our hair (let’s pretend that there’s snow where I live), the sound of laughter and the sound of bells ringing out into the quiet night air. So powerful is the unifying spirit of Christmas that during WWI, soldiers dropped their weapons and joined hands with their enemies on the front line, temporarily establishing peace on what had previously been a bloody battlefield.  Merry Christmas!


Happy Fourth of July!

Yay it’s that time of the year again – fireworks, crayfish, and celebrating with friends and family under banners of red, white, and blue. 238 years ago, our Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence, proclaiming freedom and liberty for the constituents of our great nation (Mental note to shelf this somewhere for later use as an introduction for a government essay).

I know I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been busy as of late, volunteering and doing research during the weekdays while trying to catch up on my online AP government course. Eep AP scores come out in 2 days (not that I’m that worried… I think I did fine on the exams)!


I’m also packing for my Japanese trip and I realized that I literally have no skirts that fit me anymore. They’re all too short for the conservative standards present in Japan since I’ve grown quite a bit since freshmen year and I haven’t really bought any new skirts since then. Time to go shopping before I leave in a couple of days! Well that’s all for now folks. I’ll make sure to post about all the exciting details of the Japanese trip when I return.